Friday, September 14, 2012

Busy Week

Do you ever get the feeling like you have been doing everything but achieving nothing? That has been my week in a nutshell. Let me give you a run down of what I have been through since my last post this prior Thursday.

Up at 5 AM to get K1 to the bus. Get to work at 7 AM. Busy day, but left early to get K1 from school and down to Ruskin, FL for first Cross Country meet. 
Lots of pictures and cheering and HOT! Kids ran out of water which made for an unhappy mom. Drove home - dinner finally at 9 PM. Crazy! K2 has friend over for sleepover. Giggling girls all night long.

Up around 6 AM. Make breakfast for the troops when they finally get up around 8 AM. Take K1 shopping for new running shoes. Of course, she has to stop at all the cool shops along the way. Lunch at IKEA and pick up new sheets for K1's bed. Laundry. Pick up ice for party and drive up to New Tampa. Party Time! Eh, it was pretty low key. No one got out of control. Left around 9 PM to get to bed for early morning 8.5 mile run. Hey, who let that 10-year-old in our bed? Wasn't me!

RAIN! Not just rain, downpour with lightening. No running for me. Back to New Tampa to take the fabulous HenPen (my friend's 5 year old son) to the movies. Stopped for lunch at Mel's Hot Dogs, but it was closed. Good thing we could get popcorn at the theater. Watched Paranorman, but proved to be too scary for HenPen so we played out in the lobby while K1 and Hubby finished movie. Played some arcade games - Duck! That kid has an arm on him which makes no skee ball area safe. Splashed in the rain puddles all the way back to the car to take HenPen home. Finished laundry, cleaned bathrooms, and graded papers while watching the Broncos on TV. Go Peyton!

Darn 5 AM alarm clock! K1 to bus, me to work. Teach class at 10:30 AM. Lunch meeting to develop revised course- because there just aren't enough hours in the day. K1 supposed to do drama audition, cancelled last minute. Got a 3 mile run in with K1 to make up for missed practice - worked on building her endurance. Holy cow it's hot and muggy out!

I seriously need to break that alarm clock. Not feeling rested and really getting fed up with the OLD bed. Need to get serious about picking a new mattress. Polling my Facebook friends proved to be humorous, but not really helpful. I think Ozzy and Harriet had the right idea because I don't think the hubby and I are ever going to agree. Picked K1 up at school and raced home because K2 scheduled for Safety Patrol induction which they decided to hold in conjunction with the PTA meeting...sneaky. It was a little emotional, especially when she was selected for an officer position. Time to celebrate. K2 picked CiCi's pizza. Gross. Her celebration, so I will deal with it.

Still not on speaking terms with my alarm clock. Want to call in dead, but I have class today. Not surprising, office is freezing. Have to go outside to thaw out before class so my students will be able to understand me without chattering teeth. Walked through the new garden outside of the library.
Nice! Weather is perfect. Met an old friend in town for a brief visit. Wished I could have stayed longer, but family calls. Need to go to the grocery store, but decided to go for a run instead. The weather rarely cooperates so I need to take advantage of it. Besides, this is my stress relief and is much better than eating. I'm sure I can find something to throw together. Decided not to focus on new mattress because now my computer is dead. I mean really dead. No power at all. Joy.


Facebook status says it all. Barely dragging myself into work, but was pleasantly greeted with a homemade energy bar from my fancy friend. Ah, yes. I need that reminder of why I love my job. She makes everything much easier to deal with. Hubby and K2 going to USF football game tonight. He won tickets...he's very lucky. He won Tiger Woods' car a few years ago. K2 has always loved posing for the camera LOL.
Notice that he didn't take me to the game. Wonder how long he'll be paying for that one? Took K1 out to dinner after CC practice. MMmmmm Lemon Grass Thai Kitchen! A little out of our way and at the worst traffic time, but so worth it. I love this place. Watched Les Miserables while she does homework and I catch up on emails. What do you know, my computer rose from the dead. I'm so confused.

Finally, it's Friday. Not that I can get too excited since I still have yet to go to the grocery store (has it really been two weeks?!?!) and K1 has a CC meet tomorrow morning. Yep, we have to be there at 7 am. So much for sleeping in. Sunday maybe? Nope, still need to get that 8.5-9 mile run in that I missed last weekend from the rain. Guess what the weather report says? You guessed it, rain. Well, that was my week at a glance. Seems like I was always going, but I sure don't remember getting a whole lot done. I still have a list a mile long. I hope your weekend is shaping up better than mine!

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