Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Great Fridge Fiasco

For the past month I have been dragging my feet about buying a new refrigerator. Ours was still working, but just barely. The ice machine had broke, again, for the umpteenth time. I was getting tired of storing bagged ice in our already too small freezer and we go through too much to just keep up with ice trays. Plus, we could not keep the temperature regulated which resulted in me losing produce on a regular basis. It was 15 years old, so I couldn't see repairing it once again when there was nothing I liked about it anyway. 
I finally gave in and decided to pick one out. We had been looking for a month, but it was still hard to narrow it down. I narrowed it down to three, but what I really wanted was parts from each of them. After making the final decision, we were quite happy with our choice. That is, until the Great Fridge Fiasco really got under way. 
Arrangements were made for delivery of the new refrigerator and removal of the old (yay!) and I took the day off from work to prepare and receive. All those magnets had to be removed and this was the perfect opportunity to clean out the old stuff inside.
I filled the entire recycle bin with jars and plastic bottles. It felt better already.
All ready for delivery! However, when they did arrive, they asked me to come out to the truck. Odd. They needed to show me the damage (eek!) and did I want to refuse delivery? Uh, duh. It looked like someone took a box knife and cut it all up before finishing it off with a baseball bat. The customer service rep had the nerve to offer me $50 to keep it. If it would have been one little scratch or dent..maybe. This was so awful that I wouldn't have paid $50 total for it. Luckily, they had not taken my old refrigerator yet which left me to put everything back in again.
Next step, set up delivery of new refrigerator for the weekend. I had missed enough work. I thought this would be the end of the whole ordeal. Nope. This one wasn't damaged, but the delivery guys were just awful and were not happy having to speak to a (gasp!) woman. The main guy got mad at me for asking him to tighten up the handles. They were pulling loose from the door! After they left, I noticed that the doors weren't even. I figured I could fix that myself. Instead, I discovered that water was leaking everywhere. I was so angry by this time that I made the hubby call. What I didn't know was that the delivery guys called him back, not a repairman. Imagine my surprise when they showed up on my doorstep. I asked again for them to fix the doors, which they ignored. The gave me the choice of them calling in for service or delivery of a new refrigerator. I did not want these guys back in my house EVER again, so I chose repair. Of course, this meant another day from work. Groan....
This story does have a happy ending. The repairman was really nice. He fixed the leak and determined that the delivery guys damaged the water line during the installation. Plus, he fixed my doors. They are nice and even now. Guess who gets to pay for this? The delivery guys...I couldn't be happier.
Guess now I get to put the magnets back on...well, maybe only a few of them.

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