Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Laundry Room Clean Up

I still cannot believe I am sharing with the world how disastrous my house has become. It is so embarrassing. However, there is a happy ending to each one of the tales of woe that I share with you.
 This is what has become of my laundry room. Back in January, my dryer finally gave out and the washer was on it's way behind it. I knew the day was coming that I would have to replace them, so this was not a huge surprise. I am totally in love with my new set - complete with fancy pedestals. What I'm not happy with is the larger size that doesn't quite fit in the laundry "closet".  We ended up taking the bi-fold doors off to accommodate them. Not a huge deal, but now I can't hide my mess behind the doors. Because we leave and enter through the garage, the laundry/pantry area is the first and last place we go to on a regular basis. This means stuff get dropped here all the time. Add that to an already cluttered shelving area and you get this disaster. I was determined to fix this during my kid-free summer. Enter IKEA to save the day.
I found these lovely eggplant colored fabric boxes while roaming through IKEA one weekend. 3 boxes for $14? Yes, please!
There is a zipper in the bottom. You just close it up and place the bottom panel on top of it, and voila! A perfect storage box!
Now, back to the laundry room. I wanted to organize all that stuff into similar categories instead of just throwing it all into the boxes. My mom always said, "if you're going to do it, do it right." 
So, everything came out of the laundry area. This seemed like a better place to start.
Holy cow! How did I get so much crap?
Yes, it really needed a good cleaning so this wasn't a waste of time. I knew I would feel better about it even if all I managed was to clean the dirt out. But I didn't stop there. I put everything into similar piles, kept what I needed, and then placed it into the boxes.
Ta-da! I am so thrilled with how this turned out. I love walking by my laundry room now. I am no longer embarrassed if people see it so I don't mind that the doors are gone. I even put little sticky notes on them to remind me of what labels needed to be printed.

Now where did I put that label machine?

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