Friday, June 29, 2012

Independence Day Wreath

With Tropical Storm Debby hovering over the Tampa Bay area, I was forced to finally acknowledge that I still had my Christmas wreath up. It's not being lazy, I just didn't have anything else to put up until Halloween. So I decided to take my soggy Christmas wreath down and come up with something for the fast approaching Independence Day holiday. I came up with this simple wreath for less than $1.  Yep...that's right.  Under a dollar!
While picking up some supplies at the local box hardware store, I snagged some pipe insulation for 78 cents. I had some duct tape already and of course I knew I had some scrap red, white, and blue yarn. I just simply single crocheted around the ring.
Add some felt stars and voila! A very inexpensive door decoration. It's nothing fancy, but very patriotic. Now my Christmas wreath can dry out and take a break for a few months. 
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