Thursday, February 16, 2012

One of my favorite uses for Pinterest, besides for crafting ideas, is for recipe ideas.  I’m starting to build up my Yummy Food board with some good stuff.  

One of my favorite blogs, Pennies on a Platter, posted a recipe for Baked Buffalo Chicken Bites.  I personally don’t like chicken wings because they are too messy, but these looked interesting.
Photo from Pennies on a Platter
I love that they are baked and not fried.  However, as un-messy as they are to eat, they are a little messy to put together.  My family liked them, but they were very close to being too spicy.  Next time I will cut back the hot sauce a bit and make them a little smaller.  I think it would help if I shredded my chicken in smaller pieces.  

Regardless, this is definitely worthy of a repeat!  And, I am now a fan of Corn Flakes in place of bread crumbs.  They really made this recipe come together.  I don’t think you could get the same crunchy bites with bread crumbs unless you fry it.  Yummy!
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