Monday, February 27, 2012

Family Outing to Parkesdale Farms

February in Florida means it's time for strawberries!  I love strawberry shortcakes and the best around are at Parkesdale Farms in Plant City - yes, I know the sign says 'Groves', but everyone here knows it as 'Farms'.  

You can see how popular it is by the line to get in.  It's worth the wait - believe me!

It only took about 15 minutes to get through the line and dig into our berries. Just look at this!  I'm ready to go back just looking at all that goodness.
The whole place is strawberry overload, but how can you not love these cute napkin holders?
Kourey brought along a friend to share our happiness.   They had such a good time.
After our bellies were full, it was time to stroll around the marketplace.  I could easily spend my husband's weekly salary in one swoop, but I just picked a few of my favorites.  There are tons of different plants, like these peppers, that are just begging to be planted in the garden, as well as different potted flowers and cacti.
Now for the groves part - lots of sweet citrus! They pick, clean, and bag on site.  It's quite a process.  You can also taste test each variety before you buy...and we did.  Taste and buy, that is.
Check out this wall of yumminess.  I was overwhelmed with the many different varieties of honey, jams, jellies, and BBQ sauces.  Are you hungry yet?
By this time we were shopped out, but there was one last thing to do.  We needed to crown our Strawberry Princess!
I hope you enjoyed our little outing.  What do you have in your area?  Summer is just around the corner, so are your fresh markets open yet?

Have a great Monday and don't forget your berries!  I have a Pin all set up and ready to try with our strawberries. Homemade fruit leather!  I can't wait to try it out this week.

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